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Zhengan White
White Leaves Tea Packaging
Zhengan White Leaves Tea Farm
Zhengan White Leaves
Guizhou, Zhengan Tea
White Leaves Tea
Zhengan White Leaves Tea Mountain
White Leaf, Green Tea
White Leaf, Green Tea
Zhengan White Leaves Tea Pack

Tea master Xiong

Zhengan White Leaves | Green Tea


2019 Zhengan White Tea Harvest.

Zhengan White Tea

This is the highest grade of the ZhengAn Baicha, which is a green tea planted in a biodiverse area, high in the mountains of Guizhou's ZhengAn. This tea farm is managed and the tea leaves are processed by Tea Master Xiong, his father, and his son.


Harvest time:

Order your tea when it's fresh. Green tea, white tea, black tea and yellow tea re picked in spring, when you order in April/May you'll have the fresh tea. We'll write down in the details in which year and at what time the tea was harvested. Light oolongs and Dancong oolongs will be available at the start of May and Wuyi Oolongs around July. If you buy Puehr tea, then buy aged puerh teas or fresh puerh with suitable for drinking directly. 


If you're not familiar with natural teas, then we suggest you to order a number of varieties first. However, when you have some favorites, then we suggest you to buy the amount for a whole year. If you're not a very heavy tea drinker, then around 250gram of tea of 2 or 3 teas will be enough for a whole year. If you order for at least 100usd, we can ship by express, which will be fast. Fresh tea is the best, therefore we recommend to order at least 100usd per time. 


When you make a purchase on Teazaar, the tea will be shipped from the tea farm. Most of the tea shipments will go through our Xiamen or Hong Kong office, but big shipments will go directly to you. Wherever you are in the world. 

Our shipping costs are 20usd (or equivalent in other currencies) per order. All flat rate. All products are shipped from tea growers in Asia, therefore we suggest you buy a number of teas or a slightly bigger volume per time. 

Shipments can be traced and take between 5 to 15 days till they arrive. We will send you an invoice and the price will also be written on the package. If your country requires import fees or other taxes, then you're responsible for this. 

Once shipped, we will send you an email or sms with the tracking code. 

Zhengan White

Zhengan White Leaves | Green Tea


Zheng'An Tea Farm

ZhengAn is a small town in the north of Guizhou province, just next to the Chongqing border. ZhengAn is a county, part of Zunyi City, famous for its Maotai Chinese Wine. This wine sells so well that the sales of Maotai Wine is today still a big part of Guizhou's GDP. Like with tea, other areas cannot make the same quality, just because they lack the specific water type. However, this does not mean that it can be faked with chemical additives.

ZhengAn is high mountain area, with the tea farm located on an altitude of around 1,200 meters. The small village of the Xiong family never had any road to the outside world, some of the neighbors of the Xiong family have never ever left the village. Only one year ago a cement road was finished and gave access to cars. It takes now about 40 minutes from down the mountain to get there. All these circumstances and the need to walk another half hour to the tea farm, makes this a perfect place for natural tea. Located just below a forest and an overview of the surrounding mountains make this a place you don't want to leave.

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Tea Master Xiong

The Xiong tea master family has now three members: Mr. Xiong is the main tea master and responsible for the results. Grandfather Xiong monitors his son's work and takes care all tea will be perfect. Third generation, little Xiong is now in his twenties and studying with his father how to make their local tea. The three of them study together and experiment often to improve the flavour of their tea. They only have one problem: it is difficult to sell their completely natural tea. ZhengAn has been promoted as an area for the White Leaf green tea, and this cultivar has been planted all over the area. Because they cannot easily reach their customers, they depend on local businessman, who require high prices. Therefore, most tea farms changed from natural farming to chemical farming and the price of the local tea dropped, leaving the Xiong family wondering how to survive. All tea drinkers in the world can help them, just be ordering their teas, so they can continue growing their tea in a natural way.

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Zheng'An Green Tea

ZhengAn white leaf tea is made of a White Leaf No.1 variety, a green tea.

Picking time: Before Qingming festival

Picking standard: White color buds with one leaf (your need 2.5 kg raw tea leaves to make 500g tea )

Dry leaf appearance: Bright and green color and beautiful shape

Taste: Very smooth, fresh, with flower and fried beans fragrance

Tea soup: Bright, green and clean

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Steeping Instructions

For this tea, both glass and porcelain teaware are suitable. The leaves will look wonderful, the fragrance will be very fresh and the flavour so soothing. 'From now on this is my favorite green tea' is often the response after drinking this tea. You can taste that the tea is natural and processed with care. Use water at around 80°C or 176 degrees Fahrenheit. A big glass is not too suitable for this tea, because the leaves tend to keep dancing. If you don't have a gaiwan, then we can offer you a tea maker at a reduced price. Just send us an email and we will take care of it.. because everyone should be able to drink good, natural tea!

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Changing the world of tea

Order Teazaar tea and contribute to changing the world of tea. Drink natural tea while changing the world. Good tea is a combination of a natural, biodiverse environment and experienced tea masters. 


A tea tree cannot survive alone and needs other trees, flowers, even animals to survive. Biodiversity makes an ecosystem resilient.


Any tea farm on teazaar is selected based on our standard for sustainable tea. Only when all tea drinkers drink natural tea, the tea world will be sustainable.

Fair trade

When we buy natural tea, directly from biodiverse tea farms, the tea world will be fair. At that time we don't need licenses anymore. Money will be paid for quality only.